Village Mentoring Program

Introduction: The program is conceived by PLMEPT with technical inputs from its knowledge partner-SENSE Asia. It was initiated in the year 2013 at its own initiative, between SENSE Asia and Prasenjit Livelihood and Microenterprise Promotion Trust.
Why this Program? : The program rational is to do an action research on development of a knowledge capital and package for mentoring of a village adopted by the trust to provide a catalytic thrust to develop any backward village into a model developed village within a short span of five years. The northeastern region of India still largely rural and more than 70 percent of population lives in villages. The rural urban divide in terms of physical, human and social infrastructures, income gap, and employment opportunity is driving a large scale migration from the villages, especially from the younger age group. Between SENSE Asia and Prasenjit Livelihood and Microenterprise Promotion Trust, we foresee this creating a major social problem both in the urban as well as rural areas.
Objectives of the program: The program envisages in creating a holistic model and approach for development of Indian villages founding on its traditional knowledge systems, social and economic organization and structures, political and cultural processes, without undermining the spiritual and moral value systems of the villages. The program aims at use of cutting edge tools and technologies for development of participatory village development plans and facilitate the villagers to roll out and implement it through various resources mobilized through advocacy and actions. The key role of the trust will be that of a facilitator, not direct provider. Who are our existing partners?
SENSE Asia: The knowledge gained through the program will be synthesized to develop it as a knowledge capital for transfer and dissemination to village local governance bodies, panchayats, non-government and government organizations. The knowledge capital surrounding community organization, community mobilization, social restructuring tools and processes, applications, effectiveness livelihood organization, organization of economic processes and marketing will be developed by SENSE Asia, in a well-designed technical format while the action and facilitation will be led by PLMEPT. The knowledge developed will be jointly owned and shared by both organization. The program will start with Jajikona village in Bihdia-Jajikona Development Block of Rangiya Subdivision of Kamrup (R) district of Assam, India.
NIRD-NERC:- A formal memorandum of understanding has been signed between NIRD-NERC dated…….which will be the foundation of the first stage of the program—which is a detailed socio-economic and infrastructure survey using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geo Information System (GIS) to develop a comprehensive database for development of the village development plan (VDP). As per the agreement NIRD-NERC’s Center for Geo Applications in Rural Development (CGARD) headed by Associate Professor and i/c CGARD will provide the necessary technical inputs and expenditures for conducting this survey under its “Village Adoption Study program” for the village Jajikona. NIRD-NERC will also assist in developing a framework for the Village Development Plan from the Physical and Social Infrastructure point of view. The terms of engagement with NIRD-NERC would be for one year.
Who can Partner with us? We would be keen to partner with the following different kinds of organizations and individuals who share similar objectives and program philosophy—
  1. Individual Philanthropists: Ifyou are keen to donate to the program in a tied manner, which is to be used specifically for the objectives of the program.We will share the expenditure report of your donation towards the end of the financial year, so that you would be able to see how your donations have been effectively used towards the attainment of the program objectives. You can donate to us in the following way.
  2. Adopt a volunteer: You can adopt a volunteer for a year, whose minimum qualification would be professional graduate or post graduate (Under Graduate and graduate as per USA classification) and who will work only for the program in a dedicated manner. The honorarium for the volunteer is fixed a Rs. 6000/- INR per month +Rs 2000/- INR-per month as Travel and Medical allowance. The amount is half of what a primary school teacher appointed by the government in this area receives. It is one tenth of a startup salary of young individuals at the entry level in India. For ease of administration and operations, we request you to commit for not less than 12 months for one volunteer as that would make the contribution certain and thereby help in attaining programs objectives. A mid-term evaluation would be allowed for the donor’s satisfaction.
  3. Individual Volunteers/Interns: If you are in the final year of your study or have completed your study in relevant field of studies in any reputed universities from India and abroad, you may volunteer with us for a period ranging from 1 month to 1 year at your own expanses. The trust will provide for a decent accommodation. The expenditures in boarding, travel allowance and any eventual medical exigencies will have to be borne by the volunteer by himself/herself. There will be a pre-defined objectives and agreements signed between the trust and the volunteer. The volunteer will get the opportunity to be mentored by the Trustee or an expert in the domain chosen by the volunteer (Subjected to availability in Assam).
  4. Non-Profit Organizations: Voluntary/ Non-ProfitOrganization/Charitywho has been working in similar theme, have prior experience or want to do similar work.
  5. Donors and Charity: If you are a donor organization charity who would like to fund similar activities or programs commensurate with the relevant laws and acts of the country.