Center 1

Center for Community Organization and Rural Entrepreneurship (CCORE):
The center has been envisaged keeping in view the need for specialization in research and actions in relation to community and rural development practices. At PLMEPT we believe that both the domain-community organization and rural entrepreneurship are inextricably related to one another and either plays a critical role in the rural development programmes, practices and policies. The center envisages to create specialized learnings in these two domains with special reference and focus to the Northeastern states of India. The center is at present headed by RajibLochan Pathak, at honorary level.

Center 2

Rural Renewable Energy Technology and Application Centre (RETAC):
The center has been envisaged keeping in mind the need for innovation and research in the rural energy landscape in the context of the Northeastern region of India. Though much progress has been made at the level of development of sustainable energy technology and solutions like Solar PV, Wind Power, Hydro Power at the corporate and institutional level in India, the benefit has not reached the rural mass due to varied reasons. The center will take up action research as well as extension programs from like-minded institutions to test, gather, organize and disseminate field based learning and insights in this area.

Center 3

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