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Col (Retd) Dr. MahanandaMedhi and Dr. Santi Medhi’s younger son, Prasenjit was born in 1976 at Silchar, Assam, India. Since his early years, Prasenjit displayed his unique brilliance, his original thinking and his entrepreneurial abilities. He had a voracious appetite for books and knowledge and was a prolific author. He wrote many articles starting from ancient history to international politics, defence systems etc. His views and ideas were mostly expressed through the internet through sites like Bharat Rakshak.com etc. His humane and spiritual values had come forth in his book about the Indian class system and culminated into his final novel, the uncompleted An Online Tale. He was an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer, India and due to his exceptional scores in the SAT entrance exams gained admission to study Computer Science and Software engineering at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He also graduated with an honour’s degree in computer Science from Middlesex University, London.
Prasenjit had an extraordinary brilliant mind, unbelievable clarity of thinking and a high gifted and analytical ability to dissect complex issues and challenges. His versatile and amicable character made him highly popular amongst his friends and others around him. After seven years of stay he left the USA and entered the emerging Telecom sector at Gurgaon, India. His ISP unit was known as Samkhya Networks pvt ltd. Despite extraordinary challenges and high financials and technical barriers to entry into this sector, Prasenjit persevered for several years but ultimately had to make the difficult but wise business decision to move to a different venture.
This new venture was in the arena of massively multi-player online gaming or MMOG. He built a new team of computer graphics artists, game developers and established his new company, Swadesh Animation at Bangalore. Prasenjit had many early wins, forming strategic partnerships with online gaming engine tools and platform development companies. He was at the final stage of developing his prototype for “An online tale” which was his signature project based on utilizing characters from India’s rich mythological and cultural heritage into online gaming characters for an MMOG game customized for the massive Indian and global online gaming market. He was in final talks with Sony India to sponsor his game by December, 2010.
At age 34, his brilliant life was abruptly ended on November 15, 2010 under mysterious circumstances. The incidence is still under investigation by the Karnataka state government, India.